[Update: 22 Oct 2017]  Conference is deemed a success by all, and by all measures! Many of the presentations, as well as the final synthesis session notes, will be posted online at this site soon. Please stay tuned…

We are hosting a Kavli Futures Symposium entitled Toward Next-Gen, Open-Source Neurotechnology Dissemination, which will be held on 20-21 October 2017 in Santa Monica, California.

This working meeting will provide a broad survey of what’s on the horizon in neurotechnology − and evaluate what’s needed to ensure these new tools are developed coherently, produced en masse, and disseminated widely to enable pursuit of new frontiers.

Conference Co-Organizers:

Ed Boyden, MIT
Michael Roukes (chair), Caltech
Ken Shepard, Columbia U.
Miyoung Chun, Kavli Foundation

Conference Venue:  JW Marriott Le Merigot, Santa Monica, California, USA

Attendance is limited, and by invitation. If this topic is of significant importance to you, we solicit your application!

Please apply by e-mail by 1 September 2017 — stating your name, title, institutional affiliation, and your motivation for participating in this meeting. Please send this information to:


To ensure your application is correctly routed for consideration, please include this subject heading (exactly as it appears below):

[KFS Neurotech Application]