Current Agenda   (v15 / 16 Oct)

…updates remain possible!

2017.10.16 - KFS-Neurotech_Agenda-v15

Workshop Scope and Details

Over two full days of interaction between invited participants (on Friday and Saturday), this Symposium will explore the state-of-the-art in neurotechnology, next-gen prospects on the horizon, and how we might collectively accelerate progress toward new methodologies and instrumentation.

Topical “deep dives” we plan will include the following neurotechnologies:

  • Genetic Tools (e.g., DNA, viral vectors, transgenic animals, etc.)
  • Nano/Chemical Tools (e.g., reporters for neurochemicals and neuromodulators; uncaging molecules; quantum dots and nanodiamonds; functional nanoparticles; bright fluorophores, etc.)
  • Advanced Optics (esp. for free-space, multiphoton functional imaging)
  • Implantable neural probe systems (nanoprobes, electronics, and hardware to enable Ephys, Echem sensing of neurochemicals, and nanophotonic-based functional interrogation.)
  • Neuroelectonics and Packaging (e.g., Use of industry-standard protocols in electronics VLSI (very-large-scale integration) to realize new tools; assembly of neurotechnological components into complete usable systems for diverse studies in vivo.)
  • Big Data & Computational Neuroscience (e.g., data standardization, data storage and sharing, new computational protocols, next-gen theoretical analyses.)

Our focus will primarily be upon brain function and activity mapping, although considerations important for novel brain-computer interfaces may also be touched upon.